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505 setup

Macy Nelson: Spinnaker Halyard System For Crew Hoist - PDF

Holger Jess: Trimfunktionerna på en 505

Efter den inställda Trimhelgen med Holger Jess, fyrfaldig VM-segrare och 505-expert, har han börjat sammanställa sina tips. Det handlar om hur en 505 ska utrustas för att kunna trimmas på bästa sätt och därmed seglas optimalt snabbt. Holger har börjat ta bilder och skriva. Med Ebbe Roséns hjälp kan svenska 505-förbundet nu publicera de första delarna: http://mksebbe.synology.me/mks505/505web/holger.htm

Rigging Tips by Holger Jess November 2020


Läs och fundera på lite vintermeck, så här i Coronatider. Efterhand som vi får mer material från Holger kommer mer att läggas upp. Som bonus finns det också en intressant intervju med Holger (från 2007) på den här sidan!

Below is a quick guide. Detailed instructions with explaining pics can be found at www.int505.de

or here http://www.mksebbe.synology.me/mks505/pix/holger/trim/trimm_en-1-124.htm 
as there are a few broken links on the german webpage on the english version

This setup is now so dominant and agreed by all teams being very easy to use and be fast allround and results of Worlds 2012 have proven this more than ever before.

Update October 2012

What we and several other teams used very succesfull in 2009 to 2012 seasons continously refined in small development steps for sure a fast and easy to use allround package

Mast: Super-Spars M2
Sails: Bojsen-Moeller OneDesign

BM Sails 1. at Worlds 2012 / 2011 / 2010

BM Sails 1,2,3… at 2011 and also 2009 and 2007 Europeans

BM Sails 1. at 2012 GER / DEN / SWE /FRA Nationals

Mast rigging:

  • Shroud height 4890 above deck
  • Trapeze position was 4950 is now used as exit hole for trapeze barber system
  • new trapeze height is 5700 with tweaker system to release always when wire reaching
  • spi halyard at 5955 Maximum height
  • spreader length from side of mast to shroud:
  • 415mm when unsure how to set up for the day and if windhy
  • 420mm in light to medium
  • spreader swep back measured shroud/shroud to back of track 140 -145 mm (at 415 length)

All our new boats new use adjustable shroud travellers to adjust shroud position forward and aft which works same as adjusting spreader angle.

Mast should have either a hook in T for forstay with adjustment through bow section or a 2:1 system with block at above jib.

Definitly not a 1:1 direct jib halyard too much load on box and compression on mast section main halyard rally should be with halyard lock as we fit to all new boats.

Mast position in boat : as far back as rules allow which is 3048 backside of mast to back of boat.

Boat deck hole should be cut out about 20mm in back as we always do.

Position of shrouds: 2615 mm measured from station11 / transom corner back edge forward

But moved 50mm forward in very light to prebend mast and moved backwards up to 150mm in strong conditions when using more and more mast rake to be able to controll mast bend in the mid mast.

Mast rake: max. upright position is 7,88 m.

Measured the accurate way we do it (and not with bend mast as others do) with full rigg tension (25 measured with SuperSpars Gauge) mast pushed straight by controller 0 of tapemeasure at underside of top black band and then measured at underside of hull/transom with tapemeasure running over the transom.

Board: max. length High Aspect gybing board 3 degree gybing angle very good medium size foil! stands out of hull 1425 width at hull exit 295mm a perfect moulded board like this is a must have – got 8 layers of carbon each side and perfect shape.

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